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Video Exercise

This free video exercise is the best place to start. It helps your team discuss and apply foundational concepts for building a multi-ethnic organization.
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Customized, interactive, on-site training programs focused on biblical principles, foundational concepts, and the goals and needs of your organization.
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Joint Trainings

Partner with other organizations in your area to share the work and cost associated with hosting a certification or other training program.
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High quality training for your team by leading multi-ethnic experts across the U.S. without the time and expense of hosting a guest speaker or traveling to a conference.
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Help your leaders to determine if they are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to build a healthy, multi-ethnic organization.
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Climate Surveys

Measure race/ethnic dynamics in your organization then analyze the results and determine action steps using our powerful online system.
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Engaging, scenario-based training designed with leading experts. Includes 60+ videos by experts/peers. Great for individual, group, or organization-wide training.
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Discussion Starters

A quick, easy, and inexpensive way to prompt productive conversations with your team on key ethnicity-related topics.
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Resources Directory

Articles, books, Bible studies, exercises, talks, videos, etc. recommended by our team and members.
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Why we focus on ethnicity

Who we’ve worked with

We have enjoyed working with Christian leaders in churches, colleges, and ministries across the U.S. and the world. Click here to learn more.


What people are saying

Here are some comments by clients, partners, and multi-ethnic experts. Click here for additional comments by training participants.

“ReNew Partnerships provides outstanding opportunities for people to learn from top multi-ethnic experts and practitioners in personal, practical, and interactive ways.” – Dr. Brenda Salter-McNeil, President, Salter-McNeil and Associates

“Racial issues are complex, and essential to address. ReNew Partnerships is a treasure chest of knowledge, tools, and expertise to help us move into a multiethnic/multiracial future. I refer pastors and ministry leaders to their training resources almost daily.” – Dr. Michael Emerson, Provost, North Park University

“I’m excited and encouraged by the great work that ReNew Partnerships is doing to equip Christian leaders with the on-going coaching and resourcing they need to be successful in building multi-ethnic organizations.” – Dr. David Anderson, Senior Pastor of Bridgeway Community Church

“Renew Partnerships has provided workshops on our campus with solid biblical foundations and practical applications. They have been invaluable for our students.” – Glen Kinoshita, Director of Multi-ethnic Programs at Biola University

“ReNew Partnerships has given us effective and affordable training tools for our Board of Directors and staff. We have used multiple resources from ReNew, all of which have proven to help generate conversation and thought on issues of diversity.” – Brooke Chapman, Director of Program & Staff Development with City on a Hill

“We have used ReNew Partnerships’ e-learning for class assignments and faculty/staff professional development. I highly recommend the training. It is not only cost effective, but it is also a valuable tool for starting (and energizing) needed conversations about diversity, inclusion, and reconciliation.” – Dr. Michelle Loyd-Paige, Dean for Multicultural Affairs at Calvin College

“ReNew Partnerships created a safe environment for our students to relate and discuss often-intimidating issues. I especially appreciated the variety in the content (Bible, personal stories, facts and figures, etc), as it connected with a diverse group of people.” – Greg Leeper, Dean of Students, North Central University

“Renew Partnerships has greatly assisted The Master’s College in developing cultural and ethnic unity on our campus. The workshops have given us the necessary resources we need for effective training, and provided a healthy gauge for the breadth of our institution’s diversity initiatives.” – Steve Ross, Coord. of Multicultural Student Advancement, The Master’s College

Recommended Resources Directory

Here are a few recent additions to our recommended resources directory:

3 Concerns About Pursuing Multi-Ethnic Churches by Cole Brown

Pastor of a multi-ethnic church shares three potential dangers to consider before planting a multi-ethnic organization.

The New Faces of Christianity: Believing the Bible in the Global South by Philip Jenkins

Africa may soon be home to the world's largest Christian populations. This book addresses the theological and cultural realities.

The Story of China

Documentary provides a comprehensive survey of Chinese history and culture from its origin until today.

Letters to a Birmingham Jail by Bryan Loritts

Christian leaders respond to the words and dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Under Our Skin: Getting Real about Race. by Benjamin Watson

Author addresses some of the most challenging race-related isssues of our day from a biblical perspective.

Heal Us, Emmanuel: A Call for Racial Reconciliation, Representation, and Unity in the Church

Diverse group of leaders in the Presbyterian Church in America share helpful experiences and insights on race.

Waking Up White: and Finding Myself in the Story of Race by Debby Irving

White woman shares personal stories about her journey to understand racism and promote racial justice.

Trouble I’ve Seen by Drew Hart

Book exposes white supremacy mindsets in the church and suggestions for those pursuing racial justice.

The Cross and the Lynching Tree by James Cone

Author focuses on the Christianization of lynching and white people's response to black suffering.

What kind of Asian are you?

Funny video that powerfully illustrates the dangers of making assumptions about another person's culture.