Empowering Multi-ethnic Pioneers

Biblical, effective, affordable training and resources for leaders building multi-ethnic churches, colleges, and ministries.

The Past

Jesus and the early Christians modeled cross-cultural love and unity in their diverse, but divided, societies. But, many Christians struggle with how to follow their example. For the last two centuries, Christian churches, colleges, and ministries have remained some of the most ethnically segregated institutions in the U.S.

The Present

Many leaders want to build healthy, multi-ethnic organizations, but are not sure where to begin or how to address cross-cultural challenges when they arise. Others rely on an open door policy, advertising, conferences, or designating a diversity specialist and find that these efforts are not adequate to achieve their goals.

The Future

Do you live in an increasingly diverse city or community? If so, you’re not alone. Rapid demographic changes are creating exciting new opportunities and big challenges for Christian organizations. It is essential to recognize and adjust to these changes in order to remain effective and sustainable in the decades to come.

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  • ljrd

Let Justice Roll Down by John Perkins

A classic, must read book by one of the greatest advocates for racial reconciliation of our time.
  • wru

Winning the Race to Unity by Clarence Shuler

"This book is a cry for help, a call to attention, and a sober and prophetic warning. To me, it's must reading for Evangelical pastors and churches." - Eric Weiss
  • ica

Introducing Cultural Anthropology: A Christian Perspective by Howell and Paris

Learn about anthropology, sociology, intercultural studies, and missions from a Christian perspective.
  • tsoh

This Side of Heaven by Priest and Nieves

"This Side of Heaven is a major contribution to the study of race, ethnicity, and religion." - Michael O. Emerson
  • rm

Remixing Miyagi by Mark Lee

A transparent article on being Asian American and Miyagi "wax on, wax off" type stereotypes. Good discussion starter on stereotypes and how ethnic groups are portrayed in the media.
  • rrcg

Racial Reconciliation and the Christian Gospel by Tim Gombis

Article which explains "racial reconciliation is not simply something nice that Christians should be doing" but, rather "at the very heart of the gospel".
  • doep

Public schools become ‘majority-minority’

Helpful stats and graphs which show how quickly the youth population in the U.S. is changing.
  • gecss

Will We Find Ourselves on Route 66?

Christian organizations that do not adapt to our rapidly changing demographics risk becoming ineffective and unsustainable.

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Comments by clients and experts

Dr. Brenda Salter-McNeil
President, Salter-McNeil and Associates
“ReNew Partnerships provides outstanding opportunities for people to learn from top multi-ethnic experts and practitioners in personal, practical, and interactive ways.”
Dr. Michael Emerson
Co-Director, Kinder Institute for Urban Research
“Racial issues are complex, and essential to address. ReNew Partnerships is a treasure chest of knowledge, tools, and expertise to help us move into a multiethnic/multiracial future. I refer pastors and ministry leaders to their training resources almost daily.”
Dr. David Anderson
Senior Pastor of Bridgeway Community Church
“I’m excited and encouraged by the great work that ReNew Partnerships is doing to equip Christian leaders with the on-going coaching and resourcing they need to be successful in building multi-ethnic organizations.”
Glen Kinoshita
Director of Multi-ethnic Programs at Biola University
“Renew Partnerships has provided workshops on our campus with solid biblical foundations and practical applications. They have been invaluable for our students.”
Brooke Chapman
Director of Program & Staff Development with City on a Hill
“ReNew Partnerships has given us effective and affordable training tools for our Board of Directors and staff. We have used multiple resources from ReNew, all of which have proven to help generate conversation and thought on issues of diversity.”
Dr. Michelle Loyd-Paige
Dean for Multicultural Affairs at Calvin College
“We have used ReNew Partnerships’ e-learning for class assignments and faculty/staff professional development. I highly recommend the training. It is not only cost effective, but it is also a valuable tool for starting (and energizing) needed conversations about diversity, inclusion, and reconciliation.”
Greg Leeper
Dean of Students, North Central University
“ReNew Partnerships created a safe environment for our students to relate and discuss often-intimidating issues. I especially appreciated the variety in the content (Bible, personal stories, facts and figures, etc), as it connected with a diverse group of people.”
Steve Ross
Coord. of Multicultural Student Advancement, The Master’s College
“Renew Partnerships has greatly assisted The Master’s College in developing cultural and ethnic unity on our campus. The workshops have given us the necessary resources we need for effective training, and provided a healthy gauge for the breadth of our institution’s diversity initiatives.”