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Short witty video, effectively confronts the common belief that color blindness will end racism.

Additional Information

If you listen to people talk about race you’ll eventually hear someone say “I don’t see race” or even “Race doesn’t actually exist biologically, so we should just ignore it” as way to stop racism. And while this “Color Blind” or “Race Blind” ideology might seem like a good attitude to adopt, it’s not going do anything to stop racism and may do more harm than good. Why? Watch the episode to find out.

Why is MTV talking about these issues and most Christian organizations are not?

The Decoded videos (like this one) are produced by MTV. They are short (~5 min) videos that address common misconceptions and hot topics about race in a direct, engaging, often humorous way.

We do not agree with the approach and content of some of the Decoded videos. But, many of them (like the one above), provide helpful and accurate content that teaches important realities in quick and engaging ways (which is why we’ve posted this video on our site).

We also posted this on our site because it is interesting to see a secular organization (like MTV) that does not follow a biblical worldview addressing key issues of race/ethnic relations while most Christian organizations remain completely silent on these subjects. That is a sad reality that we hope and pray changes soon. We would love to see a day when Christians and Christian organizations are a greater part of the conversations and actions regarding racial justice in our country.

Keeping the above in consideration, here are other Decoded videos like the one above.