Here are some of the comments we have received from individuals who have participated in our custom trainings and other training programs.

As a white student who has experienced multiple workshops/trainings/discussions about cultural competency, this morning was by far the best I’ve ever been through. I so appreciate your stories and emphasis that Christians need to care about diversity issues because GOD cares! Thank you!!

I particularly enjoyed the rooting of unity and reconciliation found in scripture.

It was helpful to hear from members of minority ethnicities about the constant pressure they feel to assimilate into the dominant culture and give up or hide who they really are.

It was helpful to discuss/wrestle with questions in the small group setting and then sharing them in large group. It was helpful to hear what others said as well.

The foundation of the cross/Jesus/scripture and how it permeated throughout the session was helpful.

The stories, examples, and videos were the most meaningful to me. Both trainers told their stories very well and were genuine. The stories clarified the concepts without embarrassing anyone.

The Bible passages and their connection to the conversation were extremely powerful and helped us stay rooted in what can drive this whole thing.

I loved that you had 2 different speakers with 2 different backgrounds. I love this. Thank you so much!

It’s nice to see two people from different backgrounds and teaching styles working so well together… They talk about racial reconciliation in a very comfortable way.

I appreciated how (the workshop) provided a biblical framework but also had practical applications. I liked that it addressed the issue from both sides and very different backgrounds.

Both speakers were very insightful & were very thought-provoking & eye-opening! Workshop was executed & organized very well!

Very impactful workshop on racial reconciliation! Very organized, smooth, controlled and not all over the place. Encouraging, motivational, biblical, informative!

Great blend of theory/theology & practical experiences/applications!

Both presenters were passionate and intriguing.

Very informative, good interaction, kept the audience engaged. Thank you for the organization of the presentation and your honesty.

This was extremely helpful, and it was very engaging. I am definitely going to be going back over my notes. It gave me a new perspective.

Fragile diversity issues addressed very well and positively impacted my mentality.

This workshop was honestly so great! I learned so much not just from the speakers but from the people in the room attending. Great job!

It was very engaging & I liked how we dug right into Scripture to back up the truths of what you were presenting. Thank you!

The workshop was absolutely marvelous!

I really liked the format. We got to explore the Word on our own and see what it says. The presenters were passionate and clear.

I thought this was wonderful.

Very awesome workshop. A lot of valuable information that I will definitely apply in my ministry.

Loved the topic, the approach and the facilitation. Appreciated the passion and engaging/involving us.

Switching speakers keeps me engaged in different view points which is great.

Entirely encouraged, thank you for challenging us to think this way.

This was very effective in learning more about diversity. I loved the interaction and the fresh light that was given.

This was an interesting and useful workshop!

I loved the insight. It was amazing.

This was very encouraging and effective. I learned so much about how to go forth on my campus in the best biblical sense.

I loved the interaction and how the audience was able to really engage in conversation.

Fantastic! These pitfalls I completely identified with. I, even recently used Pitfall #4 as a legit argument. My eyes have definitely been opened!

Challenged my thinking & relatable to things happening on my own university campus

Really informative and applicable. Thank you! Really enjoyed it.

Very engaging & made the issue very tangible, and provided ways to conquer

I appreciated how practical it was!