Renew Partnerships is a team sport!

Over half of our operating budget comes from the voluntary contributions of individuals, families, and organizations that share our purpose and vision. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. In most cases, donations are tax deductible. We will email you a receipt for your contribution soon after it is processed. If you have not done so previously, please contact us before making a contribution to let us know it is on the way and how you prefer it be used.

Mailing a check

If it is your first contribution, please include a note with:
1. Your name and address
2. Your e-mail address (we e-mail receipts)
3. Staff or project designation (if applicable)
4. Type of contribution (one-time, monthly, yearly, etc.)

Please make the check to “Renew Partnerships” and mail it to:

Renew Partnerships
6724 Perimeter Loop Rd
Suite 124
Dublin, OH 43017

Checking bill pay

Most banks offer a free checking bill pay and/or automatic recurring payments service to their clients. Once setup, the bank will send a payment on a regular basis to the address you specify. In most cases, you can set it up online or by calling your bank. Here is the information they will need to know: Payee: Renew Partnerships, Mail to:  Renew Partnerships, 6724 Perimeter Loop Rd, Suite 124, Dublin, OH 43017 Phone: (614) 432-8899, Account: (Your name followed by the staff or project you would like the contribution to go towards)

Credit Card

If possible, we prefer that you give by mailing a check or checking bill pay so we can avoid paying a commission fee (~3%) to the credit card company. But, if you prefer the convenience of paying by credit card, we completely understand and are thankful for any type of contribution! You can specify how you would like your contribution to be used by clicking “Add staff/project designation” during the checkout process.