Renew Partnerships is a team effort

We have a small staff and budget, but the the Lord is allowing us to have a big impact. How? Our “team” is much larger than our staff. It includes hundreds of individuals (like you) who are praying, giving, volunteering, partnering, and encouraging us in our efforts. Our ministry wouldn’t be possible (or nearly as effective) without their help. If you are interested in helping, please contact us.

Some ways you can help

One of the most powerful and effective ways you can join with our efforts to build a unified church that can transform the world is by committing to pray regularly for our efforts. The struggle to help the church overcome its ethnic divisions is, first and foremost, a spiritual battle. No amount of speaking, training, resources, experience, desire, etc. can overcome the spiritual strongholds that keep us divided. That’s why we need prayer warriors so badly!

Over half of our operating budget comes from the voluntary contributions of individuals, families, and organizations that share our purpose and vision. Any size contribution would be really appreciated. Renew Partnerships is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible. We will email and/or mail you a receipt for your contribution soon after it is processed. Click here for our available giving methods. If you have not done so previously, please contact us before making a contribution. That will help us to know how you prefer for us to stay in contact with you.

Please consider using our multi-ethnic training resources with your church, Bible study, leadership team, family, etc.
Please follow, like, tweet, etc. on our social media pages and help us get the word out about our ministry. See the top left corner of our website for links.
When volunteers help us to create and deliver our training resources it enables us to deliver them to Christian leaders at a much lower cost than we could otherwise.  This allows us to help many Churches and ministries which we could not otherwise.  For example, just one of our e-learning courses would likely cost about $100,000 to produce if it were created by a commercial e-learning company.  But, we only charge about $20 (or less) for Christians to use them.  Here are some of the ways you can help: (requirements in parenthesis)

  • Accounting / transaction processing: Billing, payroll, transaction processing, etc. (basic accounting, data entry)
  • Connecting with members: Personal connections with members for prayer, encouragement, and help using our training resources. (good communication skills, basic online database skills)
  • New resource design/review: Give your thoughts/input regarding new training resources (everyone)
  • Posting resources on our website: We supply resources and you post them on our blog (basic WordPress, graphic, web skills)

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.

Are you interested in investing a summer or a year with our ministry?  Have fun and gain valuable experience working alongside Renew staff in their efforts. Here’s how an internship would work…

  1. You contact us for more information about how to apply as a volunteer.
  2. We talk with you to find areas where our needs fit with your skills and passions and the areas where you would like to be developed.
  3. We create a job description for your internship.
  4. If it is a paid internship… we help you to raise all or part of the support you need for the internship
  5. You have a great internship experience and help a great cause!
Do you think you could gather together a small group of individuals in your family, church, etc. who would be interested in learning about our ministry? If so, one of our staff may be able to visit your home, church, or organization to share a presentation about our ministry and answer questions. If a face-to-face visit isn’t possible, we may be able to meet with you via web conference. If you are interested in hosting a ministry update, please contact us.