Dr. Brenda Salter-McNeil
President, Salter-McNeil and Associates
“Renew Partnerships provides outstanding opportunities for people to learn from top multi-ethnic experts and practitioners in personal, practical, and interactive ways.”

Dr. Michael Emerson
Co-Director, Kinder Institute for Urban Research
“Racial issues are complex, and essential to address. Renew Partnerships is a treasure chest of knowledge, tools, and expertise to help us move into a multiethnic/multiracial future. I refer pastors and ministry leaders to their training resources almost daily.”

Dr. David Anderson
Senior Pastor of Bridgeway Community Church
“I’m excited and encouraged by the great work that Renew Partnerships is doing to equip Christian leaders with the on-going coaching and resourcing they need to be successful in building multi-ethnic organizations.”

Glen Kinoshita
Director of Multi-ethnic Programs at Biola University
“Renew Partnerships has provided workshops on our campus with solid biblical foundations and practical applications. They have been invaluable for our students.”

Brooke Chapman
Director of Program & Staff Development with City on a Hill
“Renew Partnerships has given us effective and affordable training tools for our Board of Directors and staff. We have used multiple resources from Renew, all of which have proven to help generate conversation and thought on issues of diversity.”

Dr. Michelle Loyd-Paige
Dean for Multicultural Affairs at Calvin College
“We have used Renew Partnerships’ e-learning for class assignments and faculty/staff professional development. I highly recommend the training. It is not only cost effective, but it is also a valuable tool for starting (and energizing) needed conversations about diversity, inclusion, and reconciliation.”

Greg Leeper
Dean of Students, North Central University
“Renew Partnerships created a safe environment for our students to relate and discuss often-intimidating issues. I especially appreciated the variety in the content (Bible, personal stories, facts and figures, etc), as it connected with a diverse group of people.”

Steve Ross
Coord. of Multicultural Student Advancement, The Master’s College
“Renew Partnerships has greatly assisted The Master’s College in developing cultural and ethnic unity on our campus. The workshops have given us the necessary resources we need for effective training, and provided a healthy gauge for the breadth of our institution’s diversity initiatives.”

Comments by Participants

The following are some of the comments we have received by individuals who have used our training resources. For more details and comments, please click the links at the bottom.

On-site Training

“As a white student who has experienced multiple workshops/trainings/discussions about cultural competency, this morning was by far the best I’ve ever been through. I so appreciate your stories and emphasis that Christians need to care about diversity issues because GOD cares! Thank you!!”

“I appreciated how (the training) provided a biblical framework but also had practical applications. I liked that it addressed the issue from both sides and very different backgrounds.”

“Both speakers were very insightful & were very thought-provoking & eye-opening! The training was executed & organized very well!”

“This was extremely helpful, and it was very engaging. I am definitely going to be going back over my notes. It gave me a new perspective.”

“It’s nice to see two people from different backgrounds and teaching styles working so well together… They talk about racial reconciliation in a very comfortable way.”

Information and comments about our on-site training


“(Renew’s) survey questions provided substantial data on what our faculty, staff and students think about ethnic diversity on our campus… This has been invaluable for our leadership as we seek to grow in this area. I highly recommend this tool.”
– Stephen Brasel, Moody Bible Institute

“Our experience working with Renew Partnerships was top notch. Their Diversity Survey is an excellent tool for Christian colleges that are seeking to foster cultural diversity on their campuses. I highly recommend their services.”
– David Leedy, The King’s College

“Renew’s survey is unique because it starts with a Biblical model of ethnic diversity, which makes it more relevant for many faith-based institutions. The other surveys out there are not constructed with that in mind. This survey is uniquely designed for faith-based institutions and can be modified to fit an institution’s need. In addition, I believe you will find this survey to be very affordable compared to other survey instruments.”
– Dr. Joel Perez, George Fox University

Information and comments about our assessment


“The ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ style of learning makes the sessions fun and engaging.”

“I have participated in a number of required faculty development online modules. This was by far the most engaging, relevant, and useful.”

“It was a joy to spend time on this since it is so practical.”

“The use of scripture in this training and the emphasis on prayer is superb.”

“I really like this approach. It really makes me think.”

“Many real life scenarios really grabbed the heart because I could see it and feel it happening to me. Could definitely relate to the situations.”

“The content is top rate and it is presented in an attractive manner.”

“I really like this approach. It really makes me think.”

Information and comments about our e-learning