• rm

Remixing Miyagi by Mark Lee

A transparent article on being Asian American and Miyagi "wax on, wax off" type stereotypes. Good discussion starter on stereotypes and how ethnic groups are portrayed in the media.
  • rrcg

Racial Reconciliation and the Christian Gospel by Tim Gombis

Article which explains "racial reconciliation is not simply something nice that Christians should be doing" but, rather "at the very heart of the gospel".
  • doep

Public schools become ‘majority-minority’

Helpful stats and graphs which show how quickly the youth population in the U.S. is changing.
  • ymb

You May Be More Racist Than You Think by Elizabeth Landau

Interesting article on implicit (or unconscious) bias.
  • itccm

Introduction to Cross Cultural Ministry by Jim Sutherland

Series of several articles unpacking biblical cross-cultural principles.